Welcome To

Triumph Lutheran Brethren Church
of Great Falls, Montana



Sunday Worship Services 10:00 am

February 3rd ~ 10:00 am ~ Holy Communion

April 21st ~ Resurrection Easter Worship Service


February 6th ~ 6pm ~ Congregational Fellowship Meal

February 6th ~ 7pm ~ Annual Congregational Meeting

March 6th ~ 6pm ~ Lenten Soup and Bread Fellowship Meal

March 6th ~ 6pm ~ Ash Wednesday Lenten Service

May 1st ~ 6pm ~ Children's Ministry ~ The Fruit of the Spirit


Upcoming Events

Saturday Mornings ~ 7am ~ Men's Prayer

Tuesday January 29th ~ 7pm ~ Triumph Joint Board Meeting

Sunday February 3rd ~ “noonish” ~ Holy Communion to the “Shut-ins”

Thursday February 7th ~ 7pm ~ Outreach Prayer

Sunday February 10th ~ NO Fellowship Meal

Thursday February 14th ~ 7pm ~ Rescue Mission Service

Thursday February 21st ~ 7pm ~ Elder Board Meeting

Thursday February 21st ~ 7pm ~ Elder Board Meeting

Friday April 19th ~ 7:30pm ~ Good Friday Candlelight Service

Sunday April 21st ~ Easter Breakfast Served by the men

Friday April 19th ~ 7:30 pm ~ Good Friday Candlelight Service